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More than just home insurance…

When it comes to your home, it’s not just a roof over your head, it’s a reflection of your life and memories. That’s why it’s important to have the right home insurance coverage in place to protect not just the structure of your home, but also the possessions inside. Whether it’s your jewellery, appliances, or even your beloved bike, these valuables hold sentimental and financial value, and should be protected accordingly.
Our home insurance policy is tailored specifically to meet the needs of homeowners, renters and landlords. Our team of experienced insurance brokers is dedicated to working with you, to understand your unique needs and help you select coverage options that align with your budget. We are here to ensure that your most valuable investment is protected.

How IMS can help

We understand the intricacies that can be associated with sourcing and arranging property and home insurance.

By providing expert advice and guidance, we aim to make the process of becoming insured as simple as possible.

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You’ll discover our service to be personal, friendly and flexible to satisfy your insurance needs.
Even if you already have insurance, contact IMS for an objective second opinion.
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IMS:  Insurance Specialists

Smarter Insurance Made Simple

We understand the intricacies that can be associated with sourcing and arranging  the right insurance for your needs.

Even if you have unique circumstances or requirements that other insurers struggle with, talk to our team and discover how we can help! 

Expert Claims Support

Should things go wrong, we're here to help

You often only discover how great an insurance policy in those tricky circumstances when you must make a claim.

We pride ourselves in supporting our clients in getting paid what they deserve with minimum fuss - and for larger or more complex claims - we often involve sector specialists.

We provide this independently of the underwriter and we'll help you understand your rights and the steps to take.